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About Us

Families Renewed & Building Bridges for Brianna

Families Renewed, located in York County, Pennsylvania, exists to help children and families facing homelessness, dealing with and preventing suicidal and non-suicidal self injury, and preventing and dealing with the aftermath of child abuse.

Building Bridges for Brianna is the creation of Matt Dorgan.  Matt created the event in response to his grief from the loss of his daughter Brianna Dorgan to suicide on December 3, 2020.  Currently, the event is a part of the Self Harm & Suicide Prevention program of Families Renewed, Inc., and Matt is now a Director on the Board of Directors for Families Renewed, Inc.  The purpose of the event is to promote suicide awareness and fund suicide prevention programs, family support programs for families who have suffered a loss due to suicide, and Families Renewed's LifeBST initiative.


Advisory Committee

Matt Dorgan (Founding Member):  Matt Dorgan was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. He graduated from York Suburban High School in 1998 after which he moved to Key West to pursue an occupation in Marine Engineering. While in Key West, he worked many different jobs that catered to the tourism industry, but it was his experience working in a nightclub that reignited his childhood dream of becoming a police officer.

After graduating from the police academy in Key West, Matt was hired by the Key West Police Department where he worked on patrol for many years. Matt finally left to join the private sector in security and loss prevention which brought him back to Pennsylvania. While in the private sector, Matt built partnerships with many law enforcement agencies and was successful in lowering drug overdoses, robberies, attacks on retail workers and members of the community. He has always been driven to protect others and make changes for the better.

It was after the loss of his Daughter Brianna to suicide, December 3, 2020 that Matt came in contact with Families Renewed, Inc. Matt wanted to channel his grief into something positive for the community so other teens would not have to suffer the way Brianna suffered and so other parents would not have to suffer the grief of having to bury a child. In January 2021, Matt started putting together an awareness and fundraising event called Building Bridges for Brianna. After several conversations, Matt and Families Renewed, Inc. found the event was a natural fit for Families Renewed’s Self Harm and Suicide Prevention project. Now, Families Renewed’s Self Harm and Suicide Prevention project will be the beneficiary of the proceeds from Building Bridges for Brianna under its newly formed fund, the Brianna Dorgan Memorial Fund.

Matt is the committee chairman for the Building Bridges for Brianna Event Committee and on April, 30, 2021 has been named as a director on the Board of Directors for Families Renewed, Inc.  In addition, Matt enjoys spear fishing, scuba diving, boating, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with friends.

Amber Wneck (Founding Member):  Amber is one of the founding members of Building Bridges for Brianna.  More information on Amber is forthcoming.

Cortney Billet (Founding Member):  Cortney brings years of experience as an educator, entrepreneur, and mom.  More information on Cortney is forthcoming.

Tony Billet (Founding Member):  Tony's information is forthcoming.

Sharon Ambruch:  Sharon's information is forthcoming.

Jessica Kohler:  Jessica's information is forthcoming.

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