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Below are our corporate and organizational sponsors followed by private sponsors who support the work Families Renewed, Inc., was created to do. These sponsors specifically supported this Building Bridges for Brianna event through financial donations, product and prize discounts and donations, and manpower. Without them, we would not have been able to make this event a success. Please reward our sponsors with your business and support when the opportunities to do so present themselves. Thank you.









Private Sponsors

Sally Anderson Alexis Briar Jen Kern Janet Packard
Mark Bauer Dawn Keefer Ken Knepper Jeff Villa


The following bands are also sponsors

Colt Wilbur Band

Hot Mess


Retro Renegades



Patricia Craigen
Entertainment Producer

Mark Walter - Sound & Lighting
Chris Hicks - Sound & Lighting


Matt Dorgan who in the face of this tragedy courageously put his time and effort and money into this event so others would not have to suffer the pain his daughter suffered that led her to take her own life, and so families would not have to suffer the grief from the loss of a loved one to suicide.

, 18:50