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Bonnie, is 16 now. We first started working with her when she was 14. She had been parentified by her father meaning she was acting as the parent in the family. She was caring for her father without having the benefit of having parents teaching her how to raise and care for another human being. Her mother had passed away when she was a young child. She struggled with self harm and thoughts of suicide. Bonnie currently lives with a family where she is allowed to be a teenager who is learning how to become a productive adult and future parent. Her father moved to a different part of the state where he is getting the therapy he needs to turn his life around. It is hoped that one day, they will be reunited. We are still working with Bonnie.


One of the children that taught us to focus more specifically on the children of a family is Christina. When we met Christina, she was 14 years old. She had been starving herself for just over a month. Her parents didn't know because they didn't eat meals together. Sometimes, when asked about dinner, she would say it was a YOYO dinner. YOYO means, You are On Your Own. She started to starve herself from depression she experienced after being raped by a friend she had invited to her house while her parents were at work.

Through our work with Christina, she began eating again. We worked through many bouts with depression and thoughts of suicide. Today, she is a productive, well adjusted, and generally happy adult. She confided to us just recently that she intends to return to school so she can become a therapist who works with people who either need or currently have emotional support animals.

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